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Opuk nature reserve
Republic of Crimea
Visiting of reserve paths
tel.: (36562) 57-007
«The Opuk»
Route #1
«Between the sea and the lake»
Route #2
Route #3
Sea route #4

Opuk nature reserve.
Description of ecological trails

Visiting the reserve is only possible from the scientific and environmental-educational objective when accompanied by a responsible staff of the institution.

For this purpose on the territory of the reserve developed three drained watershed ecological paths: "The Opuk" (route #1), "Between the sea and the lake" (route #2), "Coastal" (route #3) and a sea route "Elken-Kaya" (№4).

Description of the ecological path "THE OPUK"

(Overland route #1)

Route length - 7.5 km. The transit time of the route of 3,0-3,5 hours. The route of the trail passes by the quarter 11, 12,10,13,14.

The beginning of the route is located near the barrier on the steppe slopes, between the blocks №17 and №11 at the entrance to the border of the reserve from the party with Yakovenkovo. Rise on a plateau on the ancient roman road. Blocks № 11,12. The unique natural complexes of the reserve. Standards of steppe vegetation. Archeological monuments on the territory of the reserve and its surroundings. Steppe ornithocomplex and anthropogenic terracing in the north-eastern slope of the mountain Opuk.

Stop 1. The fortress the construction of the citadel.

Stop 2. Саtacomb complex (at the entrance). Block № 12 of Origin of the catacombs, their length, use of in the past. Information about rare animals listed in the Red book of Ukraine.

Stop 3. The upper plateau of mount Opuk. Block № 12. The ancient capital of Kimmeria - city Кіmmerik. The location of valuable natural complexes of the reserve and their characteristics. Rare and rare species of plants on the plateau.

Stop 4. Rock Pink starlings. Block № 13. The natural area of the species in Europe and Asia. Ecology of their vulnerability. Characteristic of the mountain, where the nest pink starlings. Canyon with a unique flora. Ornithofauna of the reserve.

Stop 5. Hydrothermal faults under a rock Pink starlings. Block № 13. A unique complex of cracks, fractures, falls in the middle of the plateau of the mountain Opuk. Overview of the central territory of the reserve. Feather-grass steppe. Vegetation of the reserve, the Red and the Green book.

Stop 6. The source of the ancient wells. Item jager protection. Block № 15. Zone a short-term rest. The ancient wells at the source and at the shore of the sea. The endemic intertidal vegetation of the reserve. Aquatic complex of the reserve and its fauna.

Stop 7. Ancient paths on the southern slope of the mountain Opuk, over the Dirchatiy, quarter № 14. The ancient port of Kimmerik. Modern mountain processes on the coast. Ancient settlement on the south side of Opuk. Geological and historical past of the area. Marine flora and fauna. The unique coastal vegetation. View of the Rocks-Ships and Koyash lake. Standard halophite steppe.

In the ecological path on the request of visitors can enter a visit to the museum on the basis of reserve in Yakovenkovo.

Description of the ecological path "Between the sea and the lake"

(Overland route #2)

The length of the route is 10 km away. The transit time of the route-3,0 - 3,5 hours.
The route of the trail passes by quarters 11, 10, 9, 21. along the western slope of the mountain Opuk with the turn to tombolo Koyash mud lake, Koyash -Uzunlar plain, located between Koyash lake and Uzunlar lake and the banks of parabolic ridge, a suburb south-west of the plains. Route two stitches passes on the road, which goes along the southern coastal ridge Opukского natural reserve, determines the internal border of the reserve with a hollow. The trail is laid on the roads at the border with the sea.

Description of the ecological path "Coastal"

(Overland route #3)

The length of the route - 5 km. The transit time of the route 2 hours. Width of the trail - 3 m.
Ecological path qu. 17,18, 20 passes from the foot of the mountain Opuk, along the east coast to the Chebakskaya beams. Place of Chebakskoe settlements the south and west, the sea and the lake of Chebakskaya plains, unique steppe ornithocomplex on the edge of the sea habitats of endemic and rare plants and others.the best sandy beaches on the plain.

Description of ecological sea route "Еlken-Kaya"

(Sea route #4)

The length of the sea route - 22 km. Time-of-2.5 hours.
Route (blocks № 20, № 21, the water area of the reserve) begins from the pier at the eastern foot of the city Opuk.

The route runs along the shore in the south-western direction up to the islands «Rocks – Ships», sailing around them and moves towards the north with a stop near laguna salt lake Koyash. Then along the coast to the initial point in the eastern direction.

Sandy bank
Sandy bank
East bay
East bay
Canyon of Gerakla
Canyon of Gerakla
Rocks are ships  (El'ken-Kaya)
Rocks are ships
Ruins of ancient  Kimmerika
Ruins of ancient
Opukskoe the curved seashore
Opukskoe the curved

AR Crimea, Leninist district,
Yakovenkovo sat down, Chornomors'ka street, 1-a
tel.: (36562) 57-007
Republic of Crimea, 298108, Feodosiya,
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