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Opuk Nature Reserve
Republic of Crimea
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tel.: (36562) 57-007
«The Opuk»
Route #1
«Between the sea and the lake»
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  Opuk Nature Reserve is nature protection and research organization

Opuk Nature Reserve

The reserve was created on May,12 1998. Its purpose is the conservation of biological and landscape diversity of the natural boundary Оpuk and coastal zone of the Black sea, with large environmental and historical value for study in them of natural processes and phenomena, development of the scientific foundations of nature.

Opuk Nature Reserve is located on the southern coast of the Kerch peninsula and occupies an area of 1592,3 hectares including 62 hectares of water area of the Black sea with islands Rocks-Ships. The kernel builds an array of Opuk mountain. It  plateau-formed top is folded  limestones, rises to 185 meters above sea level and is one of the highest hills of the Kerch peninsula. From the west to the slopes of Opuk adjacent Koyash salt lake, separated from the sea by a sand a width of up to 100 m. In the east of the natural boundary is the Chebakskaya ravine.

The coastal cliffs of the mountain Opuk, stone chaoses, sea caves and rocks, islets at their feet with glimpsed in the distance on the sea horizon Rocks-Ships create a unique landscape, which looks very uexpected and peculiar among the plain-hilly landscape of the Kerch peninsula.

Sandy bank
Sandy bank
East bay
East bay
Canyon of Gerakla
Canyon of Gerakla
Rocks are ships  (El'ken-Kaya)
Rocks are ships
Ruins of ancient  Kimmerika
Ruins of ancient
Opukskoe the curved seashore
Opukskoe the curved

RF, Republic of Crimea, Leninist district,
Yakovenkovo sat down, str. Chernomorska, 1A/1
tel.: (36562) 57-007
RF, Republic of Crimea, 298108, Feodosiya,
boul. Admiralskiy 7E/4N

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